We are the pioneer and leader of this technology.


Wheel Techniques is the has been pioneering wheel repair since 1986!  We are uniquely qualified to repair your wheels. Our 33 years (plus) of experience make the difference in every repair. We’re still the same company that was located in Campbell, CA.

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We have been reconstructing and restoring wheels for delighted customers for many, many years.  We use a full arsenal of wheel straightening equipment, including a state of the art wheel press, heat and a hub aligner that brings wheels back to “near perfect” trueness. That saves you big bucks.

Often times we repair wheels that are no longer available to be purchased. This can be because a wheel manufacturing company has decided to stop making a type of wheel.  Wheel Tech can make it possible to continue using those wheels by repairing or reconstructing them if necessary. You can see how this is a valuable service that we offer to these type of customers. If you need some special wheels repaired or restored, remember Wheel Tech. We can do it.

All of our work is done in house, and many of our customers are re-assured by knowing that their wheels never leave our shop. From start to finish, we know our stuff. This web site is designed to convince you of our abilities. We repair the wheels that you thought were headed for the trash.

We also have the ability to reconstruct wheels to new condition and structural integrity. First we straighten what we can and then weld new aluminum or steel to repair or replace broken off pieces of wheels that were lost in especially bad impacts. Once the new material is machined to meet the original specs, we then smooth it to match the wheels’ original surface. You then have the option of original paint, custom paint or polishing it to a mirror like shine that even the most critical eye would approve of.

We guarantee that you will save money, when repairing your wheels instead of buying new. The process usually takes less than a week, and we can ship it to your door. Please contact us to get an appointment set, and a price quote. Due to the many factors involved the length of time to repair your wheels may vary.

In addition to repairing and reconstruction services, we also offer a full range of custom restoration and color-matching services. We can strip, and repaint to factory specs or use the colors you want to make your wheels stand out. We have a full gallery of pictures that demonstrate our abilities.

When you come to our location you will see examples of our work. If you can’t make it in to see us here, you can still see what we can do for you. Take a minute to see the example of a wheel that was repaired to perfect working condition at our shop. This will give you a good idea of our abilities. You will agree that we can save you money. Our prices start as low as $95. We offer package deals for the repair or polish  of full sets of wheels.  Give us a call or come by to find out more on pricing. Since it depends a great deal on the condition of your wheels it is best to bring them by if you can to let us have a look at them. Then we can give you an accurate quote.

Remember: Repair, Don’t Replace!  Why waste your money on NEW wheels when you can RESTORE your old wheels at a fraction of the cost.


We always guarantee our work will meet your satisfaction.

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