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Wheel Repair Reviews from Yelp:

These guys are absolutely fantastic at everything they do. I’ve had several projects from drag quads to custom choppers and they always get the job done right. Always Impressed with all of their work! Keep it up my friends.

Sandro C.
from San Jose, CA



First off, almost every rim shop in a 45 minute radius recommends this place (me coming from Gilroy).

Second, even a worse case scenario can turn out ok.

Let me start by saying i have had two experiences with Wheel Techniques. the first time they fixed my rim on a Saturday in a matter of hours and i was extremely pleased.

The 2nd time wasn’t as great but still turned out ok. I went back for another rim (damn 19 inch rims on my TL). I dropped it off Saturday morning, went to a snowboard convention in Santa Clara, and when I came back they were mounting my spare. so I instantly knew that something went wrong with my rim.

Jeff, I believe, was sincerely apologetic, and broke down the situation and options to me.

1) he offered a complete refund

2) he could fix the rim (welding it) it would look ugly but be fixed for what I already paid

I took the rest of the weekend to check out prices of new rims/tires and decided to go with the refund. I figured i might as well get 18’s now, I’m tired of paying way too much for 19 inch tires and dealing with restoring rims.

here is where he went above and beyond,

I live in Gilroy, and work in Morgan Hill (9-6pm). its a huge hassle for me to get to Santa Clara during the week, and still annoying to get there on a weekend. since a couple of the guys that work there live in Morgan Hill they were willing to bring me back my rim/tire/refund and meet me at my work.

Extra above and beyond: when I dropped of my car on that Saturday I had a bag with me, a reusable shopping bag made from recyclable materials (something that looks like it can be tossed out). I accidentally left there when I was hit with the news that my rim was scratched. I didn’t realize for a week and a half that my bag was missing. I called today and they still had it with all my paperwork in it. LIFESAVER, those were the lift ticket vouchers I bought at the snow convention.

So long story short, they do a great job at repairing rims. even if the rim gets damaged they are willing to fix it for the same price, though its understandable that they have to charge to powder coat all 4 rims to cover the repair marks.

I highly recommend this place. I hope I don’t need to go back, but if I do, I will with a smile.

Carlos r.
from Gilroy, CA


I was unfortunate enough to scratch a wheel the other day, so Five Point Tires recommended Wheel Techniques for the repair.  I was quoted $150-200 over the phone.  They advised me that on Saturdays they perform work on a first come first serve basis, which was perfect.  NOTE – they only accept cash on weekends.

I brought the wheel in on Saturday morning around 9:15 AM.  There were three other customers ahead of me so I figured it would take awhile.  Dropped off the wheel and went to get a haircut.  I got back around 10:45 AM and it was already done.  The repair doesn’t look super pretty, but it’s strong, holds air, and balanced out fine.  I’m happy.

Edmund L.
from Orange County, CA


These guys are awesome. I’ve had several jobs done by them from polishing to boring out hubs, and they have excellent service and great prices. I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else.

Tammy B.
from San Jose, CA


I had the wheels drop shipped here, had the tires drop shipped here, had them mounted/balanced here..  total turn around was roughly a week and a half or so.  Did a fantastic job painting my wheels.

My personal experience was great.

Oliver S.
from Los Altos, CA


These guys did a great job for me.  I have a classic BMW sedan with rare BBS wheels, two of which were badly scratch in the side.  Several other wheel repair shops wouldn’t touch them, but Wheel Techniques restored them to like-new condition in less than two weeks at a very reasonable price.  I had written these wheels off as a lost cause, and can hardly believe that Wheel Tech was able to rescue them.

I’ve already passed Wheel Tech’s flyers to my mechanic and body shop, and to any other motorheads who I thought might want to know about the place.  Can’t understand the few negative yelps that have been posted.  I’m very pleased with Wheel Techniques and will use them again!

Paul S.
from San Francisco, CA

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I have known John and Jeff for over 20 years… I have had them work on four different cars that I have owned… Ford Escort, Civic EX, and two Porsche 911s. These guys are running a good business. They always take care of me. I know they get a lot of grief from punks who don’t know what the crap they want, or what looks good… but I can tell you – John and Jeff are straight up two of the nicest guys I know and the most reliable place to have my car worked on.

Did I mention I live in Sacramento area now, and I often drive ALL THE WAY down there to just have my wheels looked after correctly. They have the same tire guy that has been there for as long as i have known them  – TOM. He is the FRICKEN best tire guy on the west coast. Don’t believe it? He’s never scratched one wheel in the 20 years I have ever had him mount or balance. That takes talent. He’s the best.

You’re not going to find a better crew, more experienced and fair priced. Stop looking… just use Wheel Techniques. Quit worrying about these losers who dis them … “Big Surprise…” ? You’ll always find a competitor willing to pay these jerks to lie about them. 20 years of good service DOESN’T lie. Would I still drive 150 miles to have my wheel work done if I didn’t believe they were the best. You decide.

Nate P.
from Roseville, CA

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